The core values of the General Wang

Great virtue carries happiness with it

Generous moral character to withstand the blessing

He like the earth, carrying its true happiness

In the fertile land, sowing the seed of goodness, dedication to harvest the fruits of parenting, happiness

Being a man

To be honest, upright, kind, self disciplined and generous.

To honor their parents, love brothers, to be loyal to friends, to have faith

To the family, to the company, to the society to be conscientious, the mission will reach

Concept of grace

Good at observation, to take advantage of the strengths of others, gratitude for all the people of his direct and indirect kindness, gratitude, drink from the source, to be good at understanding other people, on behalf of others, and promote the growth of team building, don't blame the view read

common development

We have to work together, side by side, hand in hand, mutual tolerance, mutual learning, mutual help, willing to share and grow together

Whether it is the industry counterparts or customers, to build a good environment for the construction and maintenance of good industry, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common health and sustainable development

Enterprise management idea

Take the market as the forerunner, take the customer as the center, take the quality as the life, take the service as the value

Enterprise spirit


Down-to-earth, step by step, not ambitious, not false but not arrogant.

Theory and practice, starting from the actual situation, understand the problem, analyze problems, solve problems, do the solution or improvement, rather than dictate, empty talk

Starting from the existing resources, suitable is the best

Be dedicated

Conscientious, diligent and responsible, sense of responsibility and dedication

God helps those who help themselves, You reap what you sow.

Do a line, love a line, will work to do, do fine, strong, and experience the fun of the work

Be enterprising

Hard work, innovation, strive for

All can punch, continuous learning, continuous improvement

Every man's potential is great, there is no impossible.


Pursuit of perfection, strive for perfection

Exceed customer expectations, let it move

Excellence and mediocrity are sometimes only a small difference, the details and persistence is the key

Enterprise talents

Selection principle

Merit: the virtuous and talented exceptional use, not only virtuous cultivation, no restrictions on the use of only one, non German firm was not

Practice: Time tries all. And see the sincerity, gold was thoroughly tempered