The king's (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

The king's (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent fingerprint lock series application solutions and product development, production and sales. The company has strong strength, accumulated many years of experience in the security industry, gathered a number of high-tech talent, marketing elite and compound type of management personnel. Since the founding of the company, always adhere to the "integrity, innovation, pragmatic, win-win" business philosophy, advocating scientific and technological achievements, the competitiveness of cast product quality for enterprise business philosophy, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, based on independent research and development, continuous integration of world advanced science and technology, the company has a biological recognition algorithm, embedded biological products, semiconductor fingerprint identification module module, Internet plus fingerprint lock solutions, intelligent security products and services. The company approved by the relevant departments of the state registration, adhere to the principle of quality first, strict implementation of IS09001 international quality certification system,

Safety is is essential for everyone, every family, every business unit, General Wang's inheritance with everyone and every family. Each enterprise security unit mission, companies from product development to production, carries on the discussion and review of every detail, to create a better intelligent fingerprint lock products are presented to the user in a series of intelligent fingerprint lock products R & D, production (family intelligent locks, door locks, hotel intelligent enterprises intelligent fingerprint lock) has the advantages of advanced technology, stable performance, low power consumption, improve the pre-sale customer service service, at the same time have induction, password, remote control, fingerprint, APP and other open, not only happy people happy, the spirit of "for the business, for customers" sincere cooperation, the king's (Shenzhen) partners Chengxun agent partners and at all levels the strategy of limited company.

Market agency Outlook Analysis

With the continuous deepening of China's opening to the outside world, the middle class is emerging, high-grade construction is developing rapidly, high-grade intelligent door lock has a wide range of market development prospects. First of all, in the background of the times, with the advent of the era of 5G, intelligent lock replacement mechanical lock is an inevitable development trend. At the same time, the national macro-control of real estate, strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, prices gradually return to rational price competition, the focus of a new round of commercial housing will be gradually reflected in environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence, security and other aspects, high-grade intelligent door lock market demand began to explode. Secondly, the current China economic, trade, tourism, convention and exhibition industry, the rapid development of the region a large number of personnel exchanges, the hotel reception service level, grade and chain network are improving considerably, according to the National Tourism Department statistics, in thousands of star hotels, the hotel is still by 4/5 the original mechanical keys (non smart locks) management, its efficiency is low and the effect of hotel image quality and attract guests attractive, on the current market environment and consumer psychology, the competition between the hotel and the service lies in the characteristics and idea of competition (the door is a hotel with the first passenger communication), in short, hotel smart door lock will be the future of any hotel standard, each hotel average locks are more than 300, the market development space and market potential How huge. Third, with the improvement of living standards, people on the safety and anti-theft door lock convenient requirements is also more and more tall, but the traditional mechanical lock has the advantages of simple structure, prizing events It is often seen. intelligent fingerprint door lock, because of its flexibility, convenience and high safety coefficient characteristics, by the majority of users of attention and receiving. The study shows that the majority of users believe that various types of locks around, especially residential door lock is not safe enough, and fingerprint verification lock mode because of its uniqueness, security is generally accepted, accept the results, two conclusions can be drawn: 1, anti-theft system upgrade is imperative, the safety factor of 2, the fingerprint of the high the general basis for new products, intelligent fingerprint technology does not conflict, which provides a great opportunity for the development of business opportunities in the market and the products of our company. Such as to be promoted, so that everyone knows the major advantages and performance of the product, its economic benefit is bound to the potential of infinite.

General Wang series intelligent door lock products analysis:

In the smart door lock industry many brands will be the army Wang intelligent fingerprint lock with its leading technology, preferential prices, high cost, quality and stability, improve the warranty service, and achieved good reputation and respect for the industry.

General Wang Zhineng door lock is mainly composed of fingerprint area, password input area, M1 smart card sensing area, super B lock core, management system software and so on. Multi-level management can be extended, SMS alerts, voice prompt operation, attendance, community networking and other functions, can greatly meet the various environmental use and special requirements.

Agent description and process

Good cooperation space, who intends to agent my company's products, investors are welcome to negotiate specific, and the agreement between the agent and the agent level, the process is as follows:

1 the two sides to discuss specific, and to introduce the general Wang Zhineng, the general situation of the product and the intention of the details of the agency

2 general introduction to the agency general Wang Zhineng door lock product details and product features

3 investors to fill out the registration form, and submit the relevant documents

4 verify the investor certificate and qualification, analysis and determine if appropriate to achieve the agency relationship

5 determine the investor's agency level, agent area, sign the agency agreement

6 to carry out a full range of technology, business, promotional materials support, to grant the